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Winter sales: shopping has already started

Categories : Fashion and Shopping, published on : 1/12/16

A different kind of celebration awaits after the euphoria of the holiday season : the winter sales. This is a great excuse for you to reconnect with your favourite pastime – shopping!

A highlight of the season

The mild temperatures this winter have no equal – apart from the softness of the bill when it’s time to pay. For several years, large and small retailers have integrated their buying schedules to accommodate this seasonal highlight and shoppers continue to discover discounts that are beyond their wildest expectations.

A memorable spree

To be sure that you don’t miss out on the year’s best deals we recommend our Shopping Package. You’ll enjoy terrific discounts and unforgettable offers in the capital’s Printemps department stores when you embark on your own winter sales spree.

That little extra something

During this time when inflation finally seems to be allowing us some respite, it’s not uncommon to see discounts of up to 50% or even 70% on some of your favourite brands. Everyone wins. The traders first as they take a radical approach to selling unsold stock and then the consumers who snap up the chance to get that little extra something they’ve coveted for so long.

Spoiled for choice

Plus, the capital has an endless choice of places where you can find those wonders. The more farsighted among us know that soon the gong will sound for Valentine’s Day and that the sales are the perfect opportunity to look for something really special.  At the Chess Hotel Paris, we always want you to find the gift of your dreams and we’re pleased to extend our best wishes to you and your family for the coming year.

Picture: © Paris Tourist Office - Photographe : Amélie Dupont