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The magnificent waters of Versailles

Categories : Events, Entertainment, published on : 7/19/16

Why not plan a day and evening trip to the Palace of Versailles to discover the magical spectacle of light and sound while staying at The Chess Hotel? The Fountains of Versailles is an amazing attraction that will captivate both young and old children. It’s also equally appealing to history fans and nature lovers and ideal for those who simply want a fun family outing.

Les Grandes Eaux Nocturnes – a night of history

Grandes Eaux Nocturnes; the event is a must if you’re visiting Paris this summer. As you happily wander through the groves and green spaces of the Park of Versailles you will be dazzled as the water jets perform before your eyes. These amazing performances combine water, music and light and present these famous gardens in a completely new way. You’re sure to be moved by this impressive scene. Enjoy an unforgettable two-hour trip into this historic and colourful site. As the evening draws to a close, a fabulous fireworks display is the perfect end to your day.

The Musical Gardens: an adventure to enjoy on your own or with friends and family

The Musical Gardens is your chance to discover or rediscover Versailles and it is beautiful at any time of day. Sneak into every nook and cranny in this magical site which is normally only partly open to the public. Be sure to admire the masterpieces by artist Olafur Eliasson who successfully installed a massive waterfall in the centre of the Grand Canal. Pleasant Baroque music is a delightful accompaniment to your walk and you will feel as if you’ve travelled back through time as you discover the wonderful groves and gardens.