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Summer will be hot and electric

Categories : Entertainment, published on : 5/14/17

Explore some of the best rooftops in the capital for a change of perspective and the chance to see Paris from on high. You’ll enjoy a totally new view of the City of Light from rooftops that range from the most casual to the most elegant via the trendiest. Here is the Chess Hotel’s selection of the best rooftops in the city – our guide has all the addresses you need for a beautiful Parisian summer.


Exceptional places


As well as being great places from which to enjoy a little fresh air, rooftops are your chance to experience the beauty of Paris from a completely new angle. For just this reason, we recommend the rooftop of the 43 Cocktail Bar, between boulevards Saint-Michel and Saint-Germain and just a couple of steps from Notre-Dame de Paris. Blessed with a truly exceptional location, the 9th floor bar serves Paris to you on a plate as you sip a drink from its original cocktail menu. Alternatively, the BHV Marais invites you to the Perch. This exclusive address is open all year round and you can cocoon in its Savoyard chalet with dinner and aperitifs during winter or bask in the sun in one of the capital’s most charismatic districts all through summer.


An atmosphere of choice


Who says that a rooftop cocktail bar precludes a romantic and cosy atmosphere? Well, certainly not us! The Mama Shelter in the city’s trendy 20th arrondissement cultivates a warm and welcoming ambience in both summer and winter – at least when the weather permits. Inviting, cushion-filled sofas, lush green plants, and table football give the bar a relaxing, holiday feel. The atmosphere at Nüba, on Austerlitz quays is much trendier. Perched on the rooftops of the Cité de la Mode and Design, this quiet restaurant in the south of the city transforms itself into a vibrant open-air club by evening.  Live bands and music, talented DJ’s, and event evenings, there’s always something happening on the Nüba rooftop!