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Spotlight on the Comédie Française

Categories : Entertainment, published on : 2/5/20

Today, your Chess Hotel team would like to shine the spotlight on a Parisian institution that is so well known that we often take it for granted; the Comédie Française. One of the few state theatres in France, the Comédie Française boasts a long history and remains a place where productions par excellence are presented. Enjoy an exceptional evening of theatre there!


The story of the Comédie Française

Founded by decree of Louis XIV in 1680 and originally comprising the Troupe de Molière, the Comédie Française was where Molière was taken fatally ill while performing in the last play he wrote, entitled, ironically, The Imaginary Invalid. Part of the Palais Royal complex, the theatre has presented productions of numerous French literary heritage masterpieces. Even today, its permanent troupe welcomes and trains the best actors; superb thespians capable of bringing to life the great tragic roles as well as those of contemporary plays. Those who have graced the stage of the ‘House of Molière’ include Philippe Torreton, Denis Podalydès and Guillaume Gallienne.


Discover the Comédie Française

The magnificent spaces of the Palais Royal house a library and a museum which you can visit by prior arrangement. You will discover the theatre’s behind the scenes history and see unique artefacts from the life of Molière. The best way to soak up the spirit of the Comédie Française is to attend a performance. This season, for example, you have the choice of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, A Flea in her Ear by Feydeau, The Life of Galileo by Brecht or The Little Mermaid by Andersen. Of course, Molière is never far away; his Scapin the Schemer is directed by Denis Podalydès.

Take advantage of the proximity of your Chess Hotel to discover or rediscover the Comédie Française. Almost 350 years of existence and yet it remains as vibrant and exciting as ever!



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Crédit photo : Comédie Française © Paris Tourist Office - Photographe Jacques Lebar

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