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The Vasarely exhibition at the Pompidou Centre

Categories : Exhibitions and Museums, published on : 2/5/19

Paris has become an internationally recognised centre for contemporary art in recent years. Galleries, events and international fairs mark the latest trends, but the capital's major museums certainly aren't left out. The Pompidou Centre, one of the first European museums of modern and contemporary art offers exciting and innovative exhibitions throughout the year.


A first - Vasarely at the Pompidou Centre

Considered one of the founding fathers of optical art, Victor Vasarely had an enormous influence on the aesthetics of the 20th century. His hypnotic compositions, characterised by their colours and forms, reflect the artists’ talents, and the exhibition curators have skilfully gathered over 300 works and documents relating to some of his lesser-known artistic projects.  This original and important exhibition also highlights the artist's influence on the emerging pop culture scene of the 60s and 70s and concludes with a look at his work throughout the second half of the twentieth century.


The Pompidou Centre - a vibrant place

The imposing glass and metal liner will fascinate and impress you at first glance. As well as its noteworthy construction, the centre also makes one of arts most demanding genres, contemporary art, accessible to everyone. The Pompidou Centre's permanent collections are beautifully showcased while temporary exhibitions explore various themes and the many different facets of contemporary art. Everyone will find something to interest them among the many permanent installations. You'll also find an exceptionally rich library, a delightful bookstore and a superb rooftop restaurant – an exciting destination for a day out in Paris.

Once again, the Pompidou Centre achieves great success with the first French retrospective devoted to Victor Vasarely.  It's an opportunity to discover the artist as well as a chance to explore the Pompidou Centre uncovering its many surprises.



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