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The surprise of the year; the Grande Surface - Galerie Festive

Categories : Visit Paris, published on : 8/5/19

Your Chess Hotel invites you from now until the end of the year to discover a completely unclassifiable and fascinating place. The Grande Surface - Galerie Festive is all about atmosphere, art, partying, experimentation and discovery. A word to the wise; don’t miss it!


The Grande Surface - Galerie Festive; instructions to follow, or not...

Passage Enchanté, the creative agency behind this revolutionary concept, wanted to create within the 1,500 m² of this former supermarket a hybrid blend of an art gallery and a bar, an events space and a venue for DJ sets, and more. Open every day from 11:00 am, this iconic three-storey building in the elegant 9th arrondissement invites you to have a coffee, spend the day or evening studying the temporary works of the artists on display or enjoy a snack. A fusion of possibilities, the place is constantly evolving and it’s up to you to own it!


A cutting-edge concept and programme

The cutting-edge Grande Surface - Galerie Festive has put together a dynamic and fascinating programme of events. As far as visual artists are concerned, the partnership with the 9th Concept artists’ collective promises wonders of urban art, while Théo Lopez has accepted the first artistic residency. As for refreshments, you’ll be delighted with the mobile bars, and be unable to resist the culinary creations of Fabien Gomez. Then, every evening from 19:00 the music session begins. In short, art buffs, party animals and the simply curious will find plenty to keep them happy, day after day!

The Chess Hotel likes to draw attention to the worthy initiatives and beautiful people who make the world of art live and ensure that it’s a natural part of our lives. Thus, we could not pass up the opportunity to recommend the Grande Surface - Galerie Festive.



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Crédit photo: © Kym NGUYEN

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