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The new fashion exhibition at the Museum Galliera

Categories : Exhibitions and Museums, published on : 5/9/16

The Fashion Museum has been collecting thousands of unique items including clothing, patterns and designs since 1907. From May until October, the Palais Galliera presents an exceptional exhibition entitled "Anatomy of a collection" that explores the social role of clothing through a range of historic garments worn by celebrities and unknowns.

Delve into the history of fashion

"Anatomy of a collection" features just some of the many items and documents that are stored at the Palais Galliera. Plan a visit to admire exceptional pieces including a corset that belonged to Marie Antoinette, a tailored dress owned by Audrey Hepburn, or a gown worn by the Duchess of Windsor. You’ll also discover a host of everyday utility clothing such as a blue working gown worn by a nurse during WWII and a suit worn by a convict. The gap between everyday clothes and these exceptional pieces is all the more impressive and moving. What emerges is a fascinating reflection on the role of the garment but also a sense of awe and wonder that these items were worn by characters who made their own particular mark on the history of fashion.

The Museum Galliera: a fascinating place

Located in the elegant XVI arrondissement, just steps from the Seine, the Palais de Tokyo and the Jardins du Trocadéro, and opposite the Eiffel Tower, the Museum Galliera is a beautiful Beaux-Arts style building dating from the late nineteenth century. Its metal structure and large windows, its landscaped gardens and many sculptures make it an original showcase for collections from the Museum of Fashion. A visit to the "Anatomy of a collection" exhibition will be an opportunity for you to discover a place filled with charm and authenticity in the heart of the capital. Plus, you can get there easily on the Metro (Line 9) while staying at the Chess Hotel Paris.