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The Chess Hotel Paris

The Chess Hotel has a new look thanks to its new decor

Categories : Hotel, published on : 11/5/19

A boutique hotel ideally situated in the elegant Opera district of Paris, the Chess Hotel has always emphasised aesthetics and design. This year, while maintaining its spirit and personality, the hotel has opened a new chapter in its history by completely renewing its decor. Let us tell you all about it...


The new decor of the Chess Hotel by Pauline d'Hoop

Our interior designer, Pauline d'Hoop immediately grasped and understood the personality of the Chess Hotel and chose to play with its intimate and mysterious character. Thus, she has brought her distinctive touch to all the general areas of the establishment as well as to its rooms, offering a new approach and a modernity that are quite astonishing. Large mirrors created exclusively by the Egrise Million atelier, warm hues of gold and bronze, velvet banquettes, fine materials and a beautiful Art Deco inspiration are the basis of this new look.


Enjoy our new look

Materials, shapes, colours; in fact, everything down to the smallest detail has been carefully designed so that your stay at the Chess Hotel offers an exceptionally relaxing experience. In the rooms and suites, Pauline d'Hoop has complemented the harmonious curvaceousness of the mirrors in the rattan and wood headboards of the beds. Along with the quilted linen and velvet-covered chairs, this combination of colours and materials helps to create an impression of intimacy, comfort and warmth. In keeping with the Chess Hotel ethos, she knows how to place refinement at your service.

Changing everything while maintaining its identity; this is the metamorphosis that the Chess Hotel has undergone this year. Come and see for yourself and discover the skill and creativity of the artisans and ateliers that we love and whose work we are proud to display!



The Chess Hotel, a 4-star arty boutique hotel étoiles at the heart of Quartier Opéra