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The charms of the Parisian winter

Categories : Exhibitions and Museums, published on : 12/7/16

The rigours of winter won’t ruin your stay in Paris. Quite the contrary! Winter is the time to discover another side of Paris by visiting original exhibitions or savouring the unique atmosphere of the city’s bars, from the most traditional to the trendiest. Taste the joys of winter in Paris during your stay at the Chess Hotel .


The jewels of contemporary art


Take part in a major contemporary art event from 8th to 11th December. The Carrousel du Louvre invites you to take a walk through the aisles of the Salon des Beaux-Arts, an historic event that has been a showcase for international artists at the cutting edge of contemporary creation for 150 years. The magic of the place kicks in instantly and you will find yourself truly immersed in art and design as you marvel at works by over 600 artists from all over the world. Sculptures, paintings and photographs enhance the magnificent spaces of the Louvre Pyramid in a breath-takingly inventive and original exhibition.


The conviviality of Parisian bars in winter


Attention, it’s time for a change of scenery! Tired of Christmas decorations and cold weather? Push through the door of Surferie, a rendez-vous for lovers of beaches and oceans in Paris. You can almost believe you’re in an exotic paradise with the floating wooden stools and fresh fruit cocktails - all that’s missing is the sound of the waves. The cold gives you cravings for rum? Stay in the XIth arrondissement and you’ll be won over by the Pili Pili and tempted by its impressive menu of rums and rum based liqueurs. Alternatively, if you’re looking for the Savoyard atmosphere in Paris you’ll love the Alpage de Gazard, a nineteenth century La Villette terrace that has been completely redesigned as a mountain chalet. Finally, the Blue Bird in the 11th arrondissement invites you to rediscover the sensual and elegant atmosphere of the 1950s.


Ever warm and convivial, Paris in winter is party central!