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The best cocktail bars in Paris.

Categories : Flavors and Gastronomy, published on : 8/9/16

Paris is the ideal choice for an unforgettable and eventful summer break. During your stay at The Chess Hotel, make it your mission to explore some of the capital’s cocktail bars – all of them crazier and more welcoming than each other.  Discover molecular cocktail bars and hidden establishments that are some of the city’s best kept secrets! From the Bristol Bar at the RPR through the Lab or the Night Flight, the choice is yours. Here are a few places you might enjoy stopping off at for a moment or two:

Sherry Butt

A chic, retro style bar with comfy leather sofas, the Sherry Butt offers a variety of fresh cocktails. Be guided by the flavours on offer and travel in the direction they lead you – but remember, always in moderation!  The relaxing atmosphere makes this cosy bar a great choice for an evening with your loved one or a fun night with friends.

The Lavomatic

Located on the first floor of a laundry, this truly is a hidden bar. Head to the Laundromat if you are looking for a nice space to relax and cool off after a busy day in the sun.  The original décor and overall design is soothing and the drinks don’t disappoint either. Choose from the wine list or try cocktails like the Josephine or the Spider Pig. There is something for everyone here.

La Candelaria

Feel like a change of scenery? La Candelaria is more than simply a Mexican taqueria, it’s a cocktail bar with a well established reputation.  Succumb to the delicious flavour of agave spirits or let yourself be swayed by original creations such as Green Wasp, Rosemary's Baby, or Summer of Love in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Andy Wahloo

Step into an original universe where vintage is the order of the day. This entertaining bar’s décor comes straight from another era and you’ll love the menu that’s presented like a book.  Sit back for a quiet and relaxing evening with friends as you sample drinks that are deliciously fresh and modern.