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Salon du Chocolat – Autumn's gourmet rendezvous

Categories : Fairs and Trade Shows, Events, Flavors and Gastronomy, published on : 10/10/18

Paris is famous for its exceptional trade fairs and exhibitions such as the Salon de l'auto and Salon de l'agriculture. However, the most tempting gathering of all is surely the Salon du Chocolat which takes place over the first weekend in November – from October 31 to November 4 this year. An essential event to warm you up during the first frosts and prepare you for the end-of-year festivities.


The magic of Salon du Chocolat

Those who think of chocolate as something that's boiled down until it's soft and fluffy should go their own way! The Salon du Chocolat reveals the true possibilities of the beautiful bean that's produced by the cocoa tree. How can one not rave about the delicate chocolate sculptures or the intricate inventiveness of the all-chocolate dresses that feature in the parade? As well as a delicious snack and unusual artistic medium, chocolate is also a serious element of economics, ecology and global trade. The presence of producer countries and the organised conferences highlight this.


Salon du Chocolat


Chocolate and animations

There's no time to be bored in the land of chocolate! Walk between the stands, see live cookery demonstrations, visit bookstores or workshops for children, or attend meetings and conferences. There is always something happening whether you’re old or young, a culinary specialist or a chocolate fan. Organise your visit to this exciting salon, collect your tickets or invitations, or schedule your outing according to the events you want to see from your room at the Chess Hotel. When you return, pop into the hotel bar where we offer a selection of wines to prove to you, that in spite of popular opinion, wine and chocolate make very good partners.

Among the many events of the Parisian autumn, the Salon du Chocolat is undoubtedly the one that best immerses you in the holiday spirit. Go along and enjoy those pleasurable gourmet moments!



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