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Photo contests and the reopening of the Rodin Museum

Categories : Events, published on : 12/14/15

The Kiss, The Thinker, the Danaïde, all these masterpieces by famous sculptor Auguste Rodin are on view again today at the Rodin Museum near the Ecole Militaire. The completely renovated building reopened its doors in November and long-time partner “A Nous Paris” had the inspired idea to mark the occasion with a huge photo competition. Sculpture is the theme of the contest and it’s open to everyone.

Get your cameras ready!

Amateur or beginner, let yourself be carried away by the joy of photography. Express your creativity using the theme ‘The heart of Sculpture’. You can use movement and shadow, lighting effects, add different materials to show contrast, create daring and original situations to highlight the sculpture or choose personal themes to illustrate how sculpture works for you. So throw that camera strap over your shoulder or arm yourself with your smartphone or tablet and prepare to hunt down those sculptures all over the city. Take care though, after this Paris might never look quite the same!

Marble brought to life

Even if one is not that fond of sculpture, it's hard not to be sensitive to Rodin's universe. His men and women evoke the reality of flesh and blood, their torments expressed by often unbalanced but still flexible postures as their body’s spring to life from a crude base. Some of his works have caused scandal in the past due to their overwhelming sensuality, their modernity - or rather their timelessness - and today their originality and power seems to hit us all over again. The sculptures are particularly well highlighted by the new scenography of the museum, as are the drawings, prints, ceramics that are essential viewing or the collections of paintings by masters like Renoir, Monet, and Van Gogh that the sculptor loved so much.