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The Chess Hotel Paris

Our Chess Hotel loyalty programme

Categories : Hotel, published on : 3/15/19

A regular loyalty programme? Well, you tell us. Our loyalty programme aims to remember you at the correct times and reward you when you want. In fact, the Chess Hotel loyalty programme was made in our image – warm, friendly and welcoming.


Our loyalty program – no limits to your pleasure

Register online in just a couple of clicks next time you enjoy a stay at the hotel. For every euro you spend on accommodation at the Chess Hotel, we automatically credit your account with two points – or one if book through a travel agency or one of our partners. And, when your balance reaches 400 or more, you can spend it as you wish on items from our premium catalogue. Breakfasts, upgrades, a welcoming bottle of champagne in your room, discounts on your stays – treat yourself to some of our wide choice of rewards.


A unique hotel

The Chess Hotel Paris is part of the Compagnie Hotelière de Bagatelle which includes five other four and five-star boutique hotels in Paris, each with its own marked personality. Your loyalty programme also works in each of these institutions. It's a great opportunity to discover other atmospheres, such as the decor created by Chantal Thomass on the theme of the seven deadly sins at Vice Versa, the Comédie Française decor of the Hotel Les Théâtres, or the contemporary design of the Roch Hotel. & Spa. Located in some of the most exciting parts of Paris, they invite you to experience the hotel industry in a new way. And of course, you'll accumulate points for each stay!


Chess Hôtel friends - register for our loyalty programme quickly. You will be rewarded with points each time you spend, and you can then use your points to discover the Compagnie Hotelière de Bagatelle's other boutique hotels.



For more information :

- Loyalty Programme

The Chess Hotel, a 4-star arty boutique hotel étoiles at the heart of Quartier Opéra