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Not to be missed; the king cakes of the great chefs!

Categories : Flavors and Gastronomy, published on : 12/15/19

The festive season is drawing to a close, but the tasty treats continue! Exquisite galettes des Rois (king cakes) can be enjoyed from Epiphany on January 5th until the end of the month. For a truly outstanding gourmet experience, your Chess Hotel invites you to discover the king cakes created by the great Parisian chefs...


The genius of the great chefs and their king cakes

There’s not much in the world of baking that is simpler than making a king cake. A little puff pastry, a dash of frangipane and you're done! However, the great chefs build on these basics to create desserts that are true works of art. Let's first stay in traditional mode with Jeffrey Cagnes's wonderful cake at Stohrer, with its generous helping of almond frangipane. Philippe Conticini also takes this traditional recipe but adds a subtle touch of vanilla and rum. Magical. Finally, Nina Métayer at The French Bastards offers an exquisite king cake with a biscuit decoration shaped like the stained glass rose windows of Notre Dame Cathedral.


Reinventing the king cake

Other great chefs use the occasion to completely reinvent the galette des Rois. This year, for example, some chefs are using pistachio to give a new dimension to the king cake, including Christophe Michalak and Jérémy del Val at Dalloyau. Guy Martin at Grand Véfour offers a magnificent variation with notes of caramel and cashew. Finally, you’ll be unable to resist the king cake crafted by Jean-Paul Hévin, master chocolatier, who incorporates his speciality ingredient into the traditional cake, with a result that is simply sumptuous.

The Chess Hotel team loves to compare the skills and creativity of the great chefs, especially when it comes to king cakes. Take part in this delicious tasting of galettes des Rois and crown the chef who has best asserted his right to rule over your eyes and taste buds!



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