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Let’s go to Grevin Museum!

Categories : Exhibitions and Museums, published on : 2/9/16

The famous Grevin Museum is just a short distance from the Chess Hotel Paris. Over 200 wax figures await you, set in scenes that are often glaringly accurate. From Robespierre to Alfred Hitchcock, Nostradamus to Brad Pitt through Pablo Picasso, discover the personalities that have marked our political, cultural and sporting events gathered in one space.

A good living Museum

Though they’re certainly made of wax and though a good many of them most certainly died some years ago, the faces, posture and clothing seem to evoke moving characters who are very much alive. One is tempted to pass the scalpel to Amboise Paré in the middle of an operation, to snatch Joan of Arc from the stake, answer Voltaire or match the pace of Charlie Chaplin. And most especially, one is tempted to share a champagne toast with gorgeous George Clooney! You can also meet, almost in the flesh, much-loved legendary characters like Lucky Luke, Gaston Lagaffe, the facetious Marsupilami or even Scrat, the tenacious squirrel from Ice Age.

A beautiful and ancient history

The museum first opened its doors in 1882 after founder Arthur Meyer, director of the newspaper Le Gaulois, asked the caricaturist Alfred Grevin to sculpt doubles for his characters as they went about their daily business. The project was a huge success with the public and was expanded and developed, largely supported by donations from financier Gabriel Thomas. The museum was adorned with lavish sets and expanded its portfolio with the Grevin Theatre (now a listed historical monument) and the Hall of Mirrors. It welcomed magicians and conjurors and opened for first film screenings. Witness the passing of time - the museum recently welcomed Stromae, Pope Francis and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who all seem to have adapted very well to their new surroundings.

Photo : Grevin Museum