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Hans Hartung in the spotlight at the Museum of Modern Art

Categories : Exhibitions and Museums, published on : 10/15/19

The Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris, facing the Grand Palais, is currently undergoing major restoration work. It will be completely renovated for its reopening on October 11th. The occasion will be marked with an extensive original retrospective exhibition of work by the painter Hans Hartung. We’re already looking forward to it!


Hans Hartung; a major artist

Although he doesn’t have the renown of a Picasso or a Miro, Hans Hartung is nevertheless a key figure in the history of contemporary art. This first retrospective of the artist’s work since the 80s aims to help him reclaim his rightful place by tracing his artistic path and highlighting his pioneering use of abstraction, as well as showing what a restless innovator he was. The exhibition features more than 300 works on loan from public and private collections throughout France and across the world.


An artistic experimenter

Born in Germany in 1904, Hans Hartung directly experienced some of the most tragic events of the 20th century; events that helped to shape his worldview and his art. Always questing, he focussed in turn on colour, format and media, but also experimented with reproductions of his work, raising questions of what is original and authentic. To do so, he explored photography and researched framing and enlargements. He also tried his hand at ceramics and pebble painting. The Museum of Modern Art invites you to follow, in chronological order, the questions that Hartung asked in the course of his creativity.

About ten minutes away by public transport from your Chess Hotel, you can take part in the rebirth of the Museum of Modern Art by visiting this ambitious and original exhibition dedicated to Hans Hartung, an artist who is not as celebrated as he should be... You have until March 1st!



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