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Feathers and Rhinestones: "Paris, I Love You" at the Cabaret de la Butte Montmartre

Categories : Events, published on : 3/5/24

Experience the magic of Montmartre with the Chess Hotel! From April to October 2024, the renowned Cabaret de la Butte Montmartre invites you to an unforgettable experience with its iconic revue "Paris, I Love You." Immerse yourself in the artistic excitement and book your stay at the Chess Hotel for a Parisian getaway full of charm and glamour.


Bursts of Colors and Songs

"Paris, I Love You" is more than just a revue; it's an enchanting journey into the heart of Parisian life. Dancers, adorned in sumptuous costumes, whisk you away in a whirlwind of feathers, rhinestones, and enchanting songs. Let yourself be carried away by the captivating energy of this production that celebrates the city of love.


Open-Air Show

Enjoy the unique atmosphere of Montmartre while attending this open-air show. The cabaret offers an intimate setting where each spectator can immerse themselves in the picturesque charm of the neighborhood while savoring a delicious dinner. An evening under the stars, punctuated by exceptional artistic performances.


An Unforgettable Dinner Show

Combine the visual experience of "Paris, I Love You" with a delightful culinary experience. The cabaret offers a dinner show where exquisite flavors and stage performances come together to provide a complete evening. Enjoy a refined meal while being captivated by the talents of the artists on stage.

"Paris, I Love You" at the Cabaret de la Butte Montmartre promises a total immersion in the art and magic of the French capital. Book your stay at the Chess Hotel and discover Montmartre in a new light, amidst glamour, bursts of laughter, and unforgettable artistic emotions. A Parisian escapade that promises sparkling memories.


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