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Elegant and Engaging: Saut Hermès

Categories : Events, published on : 2/5/24

For thirteen years, Saut Hermès has captivated equestrian sports enthusiasts and newcomers attending an equestrian competition for the first time. Under the auspices of the luxury brand of Parisian leather goods, it offers an event that is both elegant and dauntingly challenging. During your stay at Chess Hôtel, participate in this unique rendezvous of the year.


Saut Hermès in Competitions

Classified as CSI5*, the Saut Hermès program features three days of competitions, each more challenging than the last. It concludes on Sunday with two internationally renowned prizes: the Prix de la Ville de Paris, with obstacles at 1.50 m, and the Grand Prix Hermès, a timed event with a jump-off, featuring formidable obstacles at 1.60 m. Young riders are also highlighted with a series of competitions reserved for those under 25.


Saut Hermès as a Spectacle

Aiming to offer a refined and aesthetic showcase for the world of horses, Saut Hermès also includes numerous animations. The equestrian show, "L'Allure d'une aventure," demonstrations like "Trot and Roll" and "La Folie des tâches," and the opportunity for the public to witness training sessions on the Champs de Mars paddock are all privileged moments. Thus, for three days, Saut Hermès provides a real opening to a world often not easily accessible to the general public, without, of course, losing its essence. It would be a shame not to take advantage of it during your stay at Chess Hôtel.


In less than twenty minutes by public transport from Chess Hôtel, the Grand Palais Éphémère will host Saut Hermès from March 15 to 17. A great way to discover this discipline before the Olympic Games. The events will then take place in the marvelous setting of the Palace of Versailles.



Saut Hermès

Photo: Vladimir Polikarpov


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