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The Chess Hotel Paris

Discover the hotel 2.0 with Dringme

Categories : Hotel, published on : 8/19/16

Though travelling is fun, it can sometimes be difficult plan imaginatively. Now you can stay informed of all the events in Paris during your stay at The Chess Hotel with Dringme. This great service makes it easy for you to organise outings to Parisian attractions and events. Plus, your new ally lets you stay connected to your family and friends without having to think about your mobile bill!

One phone, One stay

Comprising a set of tips on a single screen, Dringme shows you all the possible outings in Paris. Your imagination is your only limit! Whether you enjoy family activities or adore museums, whether you crave scientific events, historic monuments or great architecture or whether you just want information on events in the capital, you can find what you need on Dringme. City guide or concierge; you won’t miss a thing and you can find anywhere easily with your smartphone to hand. And, best of all, it’s all free!

Dringme: making digital planning easy!

You won’t find any shocks on your mobile bill with Dringme. Here you have, a major digital innovation in Europe, still never seen in the French Hospitality. Thanks to the 4G and unlimited calls you can call your friends of Europe and North America or share your best photos without risk on social networks. This complimentary service will offer you a unique travel sensation!  Connection sharing allows you to enjoy the internet on all your devices when you’re travelling with friends or family and each person can access social networks and read emails. Plan your trip according to your wishes and take advantages of city tips to enjoy your holiday in a totally different and rewarding way. Even if you don’t know Paris, Dringme ensures that you feel right at home!

Photographie : © Dringme.fr