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The Chess Hotel Paris

Da rosa for snacking chic at The Chess Hotel Paris

Categories : Hotel, published on : 3/9/16

You can be sure that the arty and sophisticated Chess Hotel Paris doesn’t neglect any detail that might add to your pleasure as you enjoy a Parisian break. The gorgeous designer décor in reception and on each floor is modern and ultra-trendy. And, to increase your satisfaction and delight your palate, you can now sample delicious products from chic da rosa.

Azure blue and olive green: spoil your taste buds with the colours and flavours of the South

José Da Rosa, is a purveyor of Mediterranean produce par excellence and was the first to import Iberian ham to France. The acclaimed gourmet selects only the best products and savoury treats from Italian, Spanish and Portuguese regions. Well known for its Iberian ham, da rosa is also revered for its fine focaccia, pasteis, bread, rare cheeses and other delicacies. The Chess Hotel Paris offers you the option of having these delicate and delicious products delivered to your room or to the lounge till 23.00 each day. Let yourself be lulled by the haunting flavours of da rosa produce, and enjoy a taste of Portugal or Italy without leaving Paris

From fine decor to fine flavours, style in all its variations

From small savoury snacks to fine cold cuts through robust and fragrant wines: snacking chick da rosa style will seduce the most seasoned connoisseurs. Like The Chess Hotel Paris, whose aesthetic skilfully oscillates between classic and contemporary, the gustatory pleasures da rosa are biased to conventional tastes, but with a little twist. And if you still have room for dessert, let yourself be tempted by the delicious choux by Popelini.

Enjoy gourmet pleasures and discover our spectacular monochromatic décor at The Chess Hotel Paris – you won’t regret it for an instant. The hotel offers an unforgettable setting for your Parisian adventures and is ideally situated in the heart of the elegant Opera district.