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Banksy in Paris

Categories : Exhibitions and Museums, published on : 5/2/22

During your stay at the Chess Hotel, be sure to visit the exhibition dedicated to Banksy at the Espace Lafayette Drouot. A ten-minute walk from your hotel, you can immerse yourself in the urban, committed and poignant universe of a street-artist who is as famous as he is mysterious.


The World of Banksy, the immersive experience

An emblematic street artist, Banksy has left his stencil works around the world. From Bethlehem to London, via New York and Paris, he denounces the system, violence, and our media-fixated society, among other things. Despite his work’s notoriety and its many official exhibitions, the mystery surrounding his identity remains, cultivating a well-established legend. The exhibition at the Espace Lafayette Drouot takes you to meet this unique artist not only by bringing together his most famous works but also by immersing you in his universe full of humour, tenderness and vitriol.


At the corner of the street

Banksy uses city walls to convey his messages, and The World of Banksy takes you in his footsteps. The 1,200 m² of exhibition space is divided into two areas. There is one in which the framed works of the artist are hung, while in the other the paintings are reproduced in a recreation of an urban environment. The feeling of immersion is enhanced by the sound system, which reproduces the sounds of helicopters, police sirens, etc... and by the care given to the details surrounding the works, including brick and concrete effects, tags... This way you get to experience, as if you were there, Waiting in Vain (New York), Slave Labour (London), Kissing Coppers (Brighton) and more.


Banksy has created a visual universe which belongs only to him, and which has questioned our society for almost thirty years. The World of Banksy welcomes you until December 31st, 2022, and represents a unique opportunity to admire the greatest works of the remarkable street artist in one place.



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Photo: Asin

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