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Art in all its forms in the 9th arrondissement

Categories : Exhibitions and Museums, published on : 8/1/22

The 9th arrondissement, situated between the centre of Paris and Montmartre has, since it was established, been a district of literary and artistic creativity. These inspirational influences remain strong today and the streets near the Chess Hotel boast an abundance of art galleries, each of which has its own distinctive personality.


At the forefront of creativity

The art galleries of the 9th arrondissement reflect all the dynamism of the current art market, an example being the Cohle Gallery, where you can discover the pioneering artists in figurative and semi-abstract art. Similarly, Wilo & Grove seeks, quite simply, to revolutionise the art market. The idea of ​​this arty and welcoming gallery, run by two enthusiasts, is to decompartmentalise art by abolishing divisions and preconceived notions, and by being “selective without being exclusive”. There, you will find unique series and single works at very affordable prices. Finally, the Galerie Allen aims to reflect on the place of contemporary art and its ethical production and reveals some quite fascinating choices. 


Each form of art has its gallery

While the Galerie Estampe specialises in the new figuration and the techniques of engraving, watercolour and lithography, it also points up the link between carefully selected old works and those currently being produced. While at the 9eGalerie, the 9th art - comics - is in the spotlight, thereby giving us the 9th art in the 9th arrondissement. Finally, the Galerie Vu is dedicated to photography. This gallery presents a great diversity of photographic artists and points of view, as exemplified by this summer's exhibition dedicated to the Art of the Matter.


Art occupies a privileged place in the 9th arrondissement. You’re sure to enjoy setting out from the cosy cocoon of the Chess Hotel for a few hours to explore the many art galleries in the area!   


Photo: Photographee.eu

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