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The Chess Hotel Paris

An exclusive partnership with Regenerate

Categories : Hotel, published on : 6/15/19

While staying at the Chess Hotel, in the heart of Paris, you are sure to find everything that has helped to establish the reputation for charm and originality enjoyed by the hotels of the Compagnie Hôtelière de Bagatelle, including a strong personality, a keen sense of hospitality and products of quality. In keeping with this ethos, we have struck up an exclusive partnership with Regenerate dental hygiene products.


The Chess Hotel in partnership with Regenerate

Situated in one of the most elegant and lively districts of Paris, between the department stores and the Palais Garnier, the Chess Hotel welcomes you in a contemporary setting that is both warm and well-designed. Cosy and relaxing, it ensures that your stay is perfect in every way. Among the little touches we provide this summer, beginning in June and lasting for 3 months, you will find in the bathrooms of our establishment’s deluxe rooms and suite, free samples of Regenerate toothpaste.


Regenerate; an exclusive formula for your tooth enamel

Regenerate dental treatments are characterised by a unique formula that is extremely rich in minerals. Each brushing with Regenerate produces a fresh supply of minerals to help your tooth enamel fight against the erosion that weakens it and which can lead to problems both large and small, from discolouring to cavities. During your stay at the Chess Hotel, thanks to our partnership with the Regenerate brand, available from pharmacies, you will be able to test its action, effective from the first brushing. That’s one less item you need to pack for your Parisian break! You can, of course, get more information from our team if you wish, either in person or by contacting us via email or phone.

At the Chess Hotel we like to present products that we find of particular interest. These can be the delicious products of the Da Rosa delicatessen or Regenerate toothpaste!



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The Chess Hotel, a 4-star arty boutique hotel étoiles at the heart of Quartier Opéra