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The Chess Hotel Paris

A gastronomic adventure in the heart of the Opera district

Categories : Flavors and Gastronomy, published on : 4/9/16

A stay at the Chess Hotel Paris is not only an invitation to stroll through the elegant streets surrounding the Opera Garnier or to shop in local boutiques and department stores, it can also be your gateway to a gourmet adventure!

The timeless charm of the Fontaine Gaillon

Leave the busy streets behind for a moment and push open the door to this beautiful seventeenth century mansion house. Its charm gets to work on you immediately. You’ll find an elegant and refined atmosphere, both in the dining room and on the terrace, plus a menu that showcases the most prestigious French cuisine. Yet Fontaine Gaillon is known for its timeless qualities, for its skill in modernising the classics, adapting recipes to seasonal produce and products, and for bringing a touch of impertinence to each dish.

A contemporary bistro - Zinc Opera!

Chef Frederic Vardon is right on target with this variation of Zinc, a concept that has already proved successful in Gennevilliers and Courchevel. Every detail of the decor and the menu makes you want to smile. The high bar tables and friendly atmosphere are just part of this modern hostelry. The cookery style will put you in mind of a simple family kitchen where dishes are intensely rich and full of flavour. Yet, at the light touch of this skilled chef, every bite is a small miracle, a surprise that exudes delicacy and finesse.

The unique elegance of Atelier Rodier

Warm refined décor and impeccable yet genuinely nice service awaits you at the Atelier Rodier. Chef Santiago Torrijos offers a tempting menu that he should be proud of, a unique blend of French gastronomy and original Colombian cuisine. Fresh, seasonal produce is used to create exciting dishes adorned with delicate flower petals and thin shoots that explode in a burst of flavour in the mouth. An original, exciting, and truly delicious experience.

Picture credits: Atelier Rodier