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125 Years of adventure with National Geographic

Categories : Exhibitions and Museums, published on : 7/6/17

From 3rd May to 18th September 2017, the Natural History Museum and National Geographic retrace 125 years of adventures, explorations and travels through more than 100 iconic photos and 6 unpublished videos. Embark on an incredible journey at the exhibition in the nave of the MNHN Mineralogy Gallery.



National Geographic: Getting to know the planet better


The world-famous National Geographic magazine was founded 125 years ago. In 1888, a small group of adventurers, explorers and scientists set out to discover the treasures and mysteries of our planet. They braved inhospitable and inaccessible jungles, traversed vast deserts, plunged abyssal depths, reached the poles and conquered the highest peaks in search of the secrets of the natural world. Their vibrant testimonies on the wonders of the universe were captured, photographed and then recorded in a newsletter that gave birth to the National Geographic magazine that is available in 33 countries. The magazine endorses the "The better we know the planet, the more we want to protect it" standard.



Once upon a time ... The Earth’s best stories


The exhibition dedicated to the legend that is the National Geographic is superbly staged in a 100-metre space that is bordered by Corinthian columns and bathed in light. Your journey begins with an in-depth look at the poles, the summits and the deepest oceans and covers various parts of the world. You will climb Everest through memories of the 1963 "Roof of the World" expedition; a trip that cost photographer Barry Bishop, victim of the icy cold, ten toes and two fingers. Other highlights of the exhibition include Machu Picchu and the ruins of the Inca royal city, an expedition to Gabon in search of Central Africa’s last virgin forest as well as trips to China, Egypt and Central America. Be sure to see the amazing bathyscaphe used by Jacques Cousteau!



The animals at the heart of the exhibition


The exhibition will also reveal fabulous animals like the lynx that was snapped in Ontario in 1902 in the middle of the night by Georges Shiras using a special technique called "Jacklighting". The puma photographed against the famous Hollywood hill and 1910 photo of a Kenyan zebra are also worth noting. Finally, you’ll love seeing the work of wildlife photographer, Joel Sartore the "Harcourt" of the natural world -many of his portraits made the front cover of National Geographic.

Photo credit : Jean-Pierre Delibéra - Flickr